Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 10 Online Advertising Sites for Loudoun County - Q1 2008 update

Here's our first quarterly update, to look ahead into 2008. is the big mover, with lots of additional advertising options within content sections and its "Deals" feature - though still a bit pricey and restricted to attract a lot of the smaller businesses. Here's the current rankings, according to (as usual) our own informed, hasty, professional and a bit subjective opinions...(it's a very immature industry, right now). Let us know why you disagree, and we'll listen.

Note this doesn't include the pure news aggregators (like Loudoun Topix), B2B (like the Chambers of Commerce or Merchant Circle) or Search Engine aggregators by content or news (i.e. Google/Yahoo/MSN).

Top 10 Online Advertising Destination Websites for Loudoun County
(Previous rank indicated in () )

1) - many more advertising options, inline within sections, "Deal of the Day", videos have pre-ads, etc. (6)

2) - the grandaddy of online properties in Loudoun (1)

3) - effective site, good page rank, decent advertising options (3)

4) - lots of new content and free classifieds, extensively optimized for search across multiple online properties and blogs focused on Loudoun County, western Prince William and western Fairfax counties (i.e. the "hyperlocal vertical network") (4)

5) (Loudoun News) - getting quickly subsumed by LoudouExtra (2)

6) - well-known advertising medium, though under-optimized online ads (5)

7) - much improved search engine results placement (SERP)(10)

8) - good, basic advertising options, though more limited online reach (7)

9) - great publicity and government tie-in - good directory for tourisim-related businesses, though limited in advertising flexibility (8)

10) - older online directory (i.e. not attractive), good page rank, but sub-optimized advertising listings (9)


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