Saturday, November 10, 2007

Your Loudoun Advertising Network

One area we're getting busy with is pooling "impressions" across our content network (i.e. our managed websites and blogs, and business partners) to provide local and regional advertisers with an "advertising network" of targeted eyeballs. So -

Publishers/Bloggers/Website Owners focused on Loudoun County: Let us know if you'd like to join our advertising network - this means you get more targeted, local ads (better than Adsense) on your website, meaning more money for you! Join others providing great content to Loudoun residents, like:

- Dulles South Online
- Gateway to Loudoun County Blog
- The Dulles South Mom-Force WAHM Blog
- Virginia Real Estate Journal
- Loudoun Schools Feedback
- National Security Screens
- South Riding Whizkids LLC
- Slingwheels Stroller Accessories
...and more!

Advertisers: if you'd like a media buy in our network, send us an email - we and our Loudoun publisher partners will provide consistently attractive online impressions for your local advertisements! The "vertical" we cover can be defined as "Living and Working in Loudoun County".


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