Friday, August 22, 2008

Searching for SEO/SEM Contractor Help

We're looking for a local (Northern Virginia/DC) professional to help with our rapidly growing portfolio of SEO/SEM clients. Independent Contractor, not Employee. At least 20 hrs./week to start. Work from home, with your equipment. Must be native English speaker.

Here are the core specs:

Job Title: SEO Internet Marketing Specialist

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing (IM) Specialist will help with the strategic planning and lead execution for the implementation of organic search marketing (SEO) and internet marketing for a core website and smaller niche sites as needed. The SEO and Internet Marketing Specialist will also be responsible for overseeing aspects of conversion across those same sites. The results will be measurable as defined by rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, as well as customer acquisitions.


- Creation and implementation of best SEO practices.
- Organization of SEO efforts.
- Utilization of analytic tools to report on the progress of SEO efforts.
- Analyze online activity statistics to spot trends and report on opportunities.
- Oversee the monitoring of traffic rankings in the major search engines.
- Creation and implementation of link development strategies.
- Communication with various departments to ensure compatibility of SEO objectives with those of overall objectives.
- Development of core content initiatives (linkbait) and social media content (i.e. blogs, reviews, bookmarks, hub pages).
- Make recommendations on site improvements and features that will help with SEO efforts.
- Competitive intelligence research and reporting.
- Participating in and keeping up to date with the latest trends and research of organic search engine optimization and social media optimization tactics.


- A minimum of one year experience in search engine optimization.
- Experience with SEO for competitive market spaces.
- A strong understanding of conversion metrics and usability.
- A firm understanding of traffic analytics and experience with utilizing those analytics for reporting purposes.
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
- Knowledge of up to date link development methods and management.
- Experience with keyword analysis.
- A strong understanding of search engine algorithms and their spiders.
- Outstanding writing, communication, organization and leadership skills.
- Absolute proficiency with MS Office.
- Knowledge of HTML, and competence with office equipment (i.e. backing up your computer!).
- Un-ending supply of good humour, energy and interest in this profession!

The perfect candidate.

There are some particular qualities we're seeking that match our professional style, interests and understanding of the business environment around us.

- We are a very "green" company - i.e. no commute, telecommuting/work at home only with a large "virtual" network, very little paper or ink used, small carbon footprint, and definite supporters of good health and exercise.
- We've been working for a long time in the online, computer and business services industry - and so have you - we will help guide, manage and educate, but only for those who also have already put their nose to the grindstone for a while.
- We understand there are very large and latent numbers of underutilized, overqualified ex-professional moms and women in this area who've elected to focus on raising their children and contributing to their education during the early years, vs. sticking them in daycare. This is the "Mom-Force", in our opinion. Promoting academic excellence is an absolute priority for us.
- The very best personal and professional relationships are built on personal and social networking - are you actively connecting with others in your industry, your community, your life? Are you using Internet tools to do so? (no, not Facebook or MySpace - professional network tools like LinkedIn or Spoke, or professional blogs and wikis).
- We also understand that to be successful in a fast-growing and technically-challenging service industry, the art of time management mixed with unwavering professionalism and unflagging, intense energy is a fantastic recipe for success. We work very hard, play very hard, but always make time for the absolute priorities of family, health and community service. It's actually quite difficult to find this mix of boundless enthusiasm and professionalism tempered by commitment to family, children and community excellence.
- In our particular market at this time, we require absolute excellence in writing and communication, in "American-style" English - this isn't quickly learned or faked; it's an outcome of a very good and successful education.
- Localism - we've built our company from a local focus, retaining very firm grounding in completely understanding our local market and what it takes to be a successful business and professional network partner. So we prefer you too are a "local", either in the DC area, or already building a local presence and network somewhere else. Market first to your community, then to the world.

If this description is an absolute fit - we need to talk.

Send us a resume - to info @ .

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