Friday, March 13, 2009

FREE Internet Marketing for Nonprofits

Here's a very timely nonprofit fundraising and marketing program we're now offering for registered 501(c)(3) organizations, here in the US or any other legitimate, approved nonprofit organization in the world.

By participating in the NPOFundingSolutionSTM nonprofit charity consortium, and helping to promote online raffle fundraising for your nonprofit or one you're supporting, we'll help you.

A donor who buys an online raffle ticket (A) can win one of thousands of cash prizes, (B) provides a significant portion of the donation directly to your nonprofit, and (C) provides a donation percentage to ALL consortium members. At NO cost to you.

It's a very simple, very effective, and very unique win, win, win situation.

We'll not only help you with Internet Marketing and Social Media techniques to promote the online raffle fundraising mechanism, thereby raising money for you, we'll help you promote your cause and awareness online altogether.

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