Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can we post jobs to Groups on LinkedIn?

Here's a recent question that came in, about use of LinkedIn for job postings - not the paid the kind of advertisements.

"If we have open positions we want to promote on Linked In, besides the careers tab under the company profile, is there another way to maximize exposure? Is this the type of information you would post in a group discussion?"

Answer: Overt "selling" or "promotion" in a group takes some finesse - some groups tolerate it, if within the bounds of the social protocol or policy; other groups will flame it. On Linkedin, I don't see jobs posted too much in groups and updates, other than the occasional, subtle, reference to a job or need...usually without much detail, just a simple note that there's a position open or an interesting opportunity available.

You can pay to post jobs, of course, on LinkedIn. Use of your own, public news/social media channels is good for this purpose - like tweeting, facebooking or blogging about it...for example, a blog entry about all the new, cool openings available in a very fast-growing, exciting industry. If you post something like that on one of your channels, it can then get amplified by (A) anybody else, (B) you and your employees, through their own social media channels/bookmarks/etc., and (C) by us through our content network.

Here's a possibly useful article, about helping your employees (as an employer) understand how they can help promote their company, using their own online/social media activities. Employees promoting Employers via Social Media .


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