Monday, August 25, 2008

Why use social networking and marketing

Pretty good article in the Washington Post today, "Business gets Personal Online" - about "building and nurturing" your web presence through many means, including social networking and marketing. Take a look - we've been operating in this arena for a while, and providing our customers with these services as an absolute necessity for their overall Internet Marketing campaign. We also recommend and provide other elements to improve the online presence and reputation of your business - for example strongly establishing your "localism" in term of offline presence and connectedness, dialogue with local leaders, local search engine marketing, enabling local feedback on local topics; all this whether your a local, national or internation business.

A great example of this is "I Am Modern" - a local media company that produces not only a great magazine and website for moms and women of Northern Virginia's Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, but also promotes and encourages offline events and interaction as part of an "omni-media" socialization strategy. Advertisers and readers appreciate this opportunity to interact offline and online with each other.



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