Saturday, April 4, 2009

Social Media for Your Business - Loudoun BizConnect

Be sure to check out our Social Media Overview for Loudoun County and Northern Virginia Businesses, in last month's Loudoun's the article:

"As the Obama administration settles into office this year, what’s described as the “most connected ever” group of leaders are quickly focusing on how to leverage the groundswell of “social media” use and expertise demonstrated by the campaigns. Social media, proven useful in politics, is rapidly being adopted by students and families, and is dramatically changing the landscape of traditional news reporting. But is it good for business, here in Loudoun and Northern Virginia?

Social media may be difficult to define, but you’ll know it when you see it. It’s about talking back to the web, sharing your opinion, and participating in a multimedia dialogue among interested people in public – anonymously or not. There are many styles of online conversation and tools – from those focusing on photos or videos (like “Flickr” and “YouTube”), to reviews (like “Yelp”), to those focusing on profiles, expertise or favorite bookmarks (i.e. “Facebook”, “LinkedIn” and “Delicious”).

For business owners and employees, the prospect of engaging customers in a public, un-moderated dialogue (that can’t be erased) can be daunting. Local businesses typically aren’t used to this – but it’s already an expectation of most online customers. If your digital assets, press releases and online communications about your business aren’t managed across social media, you’re at risk. Really great news or feedback might be developing, that you can’t harness - or your reputation may be quickly deteriorating, whether justified or not.

Loudoun businesses and organizations can and should learn from those already finding success in leveraging social media – especially in this difficult economy. Look online at the Loudoun Times, read local blogs like “Gateway to Loudoun County” and follow “Digg”, “Mixx”, “Twitter” and “Google News” for Loudoun business news. Join a LinkedIn group and create a “social media policy” (i.e. part of our “Internet Checklist” for starting a Loudoun Business, at (

Socialize your business online, though with purpose, restraint and professional guidance."

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