Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KME Business Lead Referral Network - Compensation

KME Internet Marketing provides compensation for Business Leads brought into our network.

In other words, refer a business lead and get paid!

Business Leads include Internet Marketing & Advertising clients, Online Communications clients, Web Design & Development clients, and IT or Digital Media Strategy clients. If you are developing or have small to mid-sized business leads in mind, seeking these services in the DC area, please let us know – compensation is available as follows:

- Referral Fee
- Share in Profit (Recurring)
- Marketing Support for Your Business or Profile
- Marketing & Communications Support for Your Demand Generation Activities

Our online marketing & profile management support of your demand generation activities is unique to our industry - let us help you generate leads!

Contact KME today for more information, or to refer an Internet Marketing lead.


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