Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Loudoun County SEO Providers and Services for Businesses, Nonprofits, Startups - Top 6

There's a proliferation lately of digital marketers and publishers promoting themselves as Search Engine Optimization "SEO" experts, here in Loudoun County.

Mostly originating from very local, low-cost and low-skilled success in commodity, consumer-oriented social media use, recent graduate internships, EZ website design and, frankly, taking advantage of local businesses and business groups who don't really know anything about SEO or digital marketing.

Some are legitimate PR/Communications consultants, small publishers/printers, media producers or IT/software programmers and consultants - but don't have focused, full-scope Digital Marketing/SEO skills and experience. Add these individuals to the legions of offshore, non-American-English-savvy spaminators and affiliates, one-price-fits-all SEO-mills and ISPs (from Reachlocal and Network Solutions, for example), and variations on the I-have-a-blog-therefore-I-can-help-you-market-your-business personalities...and it can paint a confusing picture for Loudoun businesses legitimately trying to find quality, reasonably-priced, trustworthy help to market their products, services and reputation online.

Resident in Loudoun County, there are only a few legitimately experienced, professionally-certified, technically competent and measurably successful SEO consultants or providers making up the core of the engaged digital marketing experts community, particularly with relevant experience marketing and promoting small/mid-sized Loudoun businesses, startups and nonprofits to Loudoun and Northern Virginia audiences - B2B, B2C and B2G. SEO applied not only from Google's perspective, but from ALL the search engines, social media, mobile and digital advertising platforms out there. This list is even further, dramatically limited, when you add digital information technology competence AND paid search (i.e. SEM) to the profile - which, these days, is essential as the digital technology platforms, tools and services change very rapidly on the Internet and within business IT departments.

This is because SEO is not only about "keywords", "copywriting", "social media posts/tags" and "nice website designs". It's about quite a bit more, that changes every day, that's quite complex and requires a great deal of professional expertise and varied experiences to do right.

It's easy to find them, the actual full-service Loudoun SEO experts, for your online digital marketing requirements in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, metro DC - just use Google, or any other online search engine, and note our (predictably subjective, of course) guidance.

Search (these results of course are only valid on the day of this posting - but they've been basically the same for quite a while) for a phrase like "Loudoun business SEO" or "Loudoun Internet Marketing", or most any variant, and you'll quickly find:

1 - KME Internet Marketing is by far the most experienced, relevant and measurably visible, with the most local civic engagement of any marketing company, at the most cost-effective rates. Offering not only SEO, but a full scope of Dgital Information Management & Technology solutions. Here in Loudoun, since 2005.

2 - Gallop Web Services - a solid Loudoun business and digital marketing community member, active in Loudoun since about 2010.

3 - Synavista - long-time web developer in Leesburg, with some additional SEO services

4 - Netqwik - has offered their core website build/management services from Ashburn since 2005, with addtional SEO services.

5 - Go Fish Digital - a major, though newer player in interactive design and digital marketing

6 - Huberspace, a longtime web development entity in Loudoun, with some additional SEO services

*Update - Blue Tree Digital looks like an interesting newer design-centric marketing firm as well, based in Leesburg.

That's it. If you have requirements for a Loudoun-based, expert and experienced digital marketing/SEO agency - start with this list, with KME in particular, and you'll find what you need.

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