Friday, October 3, 2008

Full Lifecycle Digital Asset Optimization and W2M

....that's a bit of a mouthful, but it's a technical industry phrase that essentially encapsulates the breadth of services KME Internet Marketing offers. An illustration of this concept can be found over at our partner "Information Management Consulting" blog.

"Full Lifecycle" - creating, managing, distributing and monitoring use of web-based content, or any other digital assets (like documents or emails), is a "full lifecycle" proposition - businesses should make sure to consider activities and investment to professionally manage web content from inside their business to the "wilds" of the Internet.

"Digital Asset" - this term is typically used to describe business-owned digital content that's created, distributed and controlled specifically for revenue-generating or marketing purposes, like a white paper, a widget, a video. Businesses certainly generate lots of web content that isn't specifically tracked and managed as individual "assets" - but most web content can and should be. "Optimization" of these assets means applying SEO techniques to them, so that they (like web pages) can individually show up high in Search Engine results.

W2M - or "Web 2.0 Management" (this is our own made-up acronym, at this time, that seems to work well among the other related acronyms, like ECM, WCM, DAM...) - this refers to the "information and marketing management" activities that need to be considered for these digital assets specifically in the the "Web 2.0" arena; i.e. making sure the assets can or should be included in Web 2.0 mashups, distributing the assets via social media, and ultimately inserting these assets into the social media conversation and sharing environment.

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