Sunday, April 6, 2008

Northern Virginia Multi-Media Advertising, Graphic Design, Production and Distribution

KME Internet Marketing will shortly be offering logo and graphic design, multi-media advertising and production capabilities to its customers, for coordinated business advertising across the Internet, TV, Radio, Print and Point Displays/Billboards. Formats will include not only websites, blogs, social media outlets and email, but also AV-audio/video (online files, streaming and CD/DVDs) and print production. Production capabilities will include website design, graphic design, AV studio production, and photography.

For businesses who want to coordinate and extend their advertising dollars and presence across all Internet channels and media, as well as into more traditional channels (i.e. "offline") including local TV, Radio, Print and other distributed media, KME Internet Marketing and its partners can provide a "one-stop shopping" capability and campaign management resource from its Northern Virginia Internet Marketing and Multi-media advertising production headquarters.



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