Sunday, October 5, 2008

Giving Online to Your Favorite Charity

Heading into the Holiday season, especially in this very dire economic climate, it's likely that donations to charity will be much slimmer this particular year. It is, however, much easier than ever before to donate online to your favorite charity or non-profit, and it very well may be a much more appreciated and needed contribution this year over others past. Here in Loudoun County, for example, the prospect of significant cutbacks in County services and philanthropic donations is pointing to 2009 as a year in which all charitable services and foundations will have to work harder than ever to keep up with expenses and fundraising while just maintaining basic services.

Consider establishing a personal or company-sponsored fundraiser - to help whatever charitable interest you're most concerned with.

For example, a friend of KME Internet Marketing set up a fundraising site with "First Giving" benefiting the Loudoun Education Foundation, as a gift-giving alternative on the event of Kelly's birthday. It's easy to use, easy to set up, and represents a very helpful way for individuals and/or companies to adjust their gift-giving intentions to charitable purposes in this difficult year.

This particular fund-raising site keeps on giving - it's open for a few months more, and you can participate by using the widget below... or create your own fundraiser online!



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