Monday, April 7, 2008

A little experiment with images

According to this blog from Search Engine Land, much more emphasis needs to be addressed by online marketers on achieving results via universal search - i.e. pay attention to your images and videos.
business woman working at computer
The fact that images are highly appealing, can convey an enormous amount of emotion-provoking information in a blink, and can be nearly universal from a language and culture perspective isn't new. The fact that image management should be a serious element of your online marketing strategy might be new to many businesses.

In our marketing travels, we've seen many genres of images competing for consumer eyeballs - some focused and niche, some global and mundane. Here's a bit of an experiment - the next few blog posts will include a photo of what we think is probably one of the most appealing types of images for marketing and advertising - a woman working on a computer, or with a computer-driven device. There's many reasons and opinions for this; but we'll simply test it right here for a while to prove the point.



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