Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are you "Made in Loudoun County"?

Show your pride.....Made in Loudoun County!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 10 Online Advertising Destination Sites for Loudoun County

Here they are - the list is created using a variety of insights, expertise and understanding of the effectiveness and reach of web properties and their underlying content distribution networks, specifically focused on sites that Loudoun County consumers utilize. There are lots of reasons for the relative and somewhat subjective placements, and these will change over time - drop us an email and we can help explain the reasons, some are pure (but educated) opinion.

The basic profile we're addressing is the small to medium-sized business (therefore without tons of advertising budget) that needs effective, online local advertising to Loudoun County consumers, needs flexibility and options with respect to advertising content and images, and is focused on placing advertisements directly on well-known online properties. Obviously there's lots of other advertising methods online, from general directories and aggregators to search engine "pay-per-click" methods and email communications. This list doesn't include sites that require membership.

We'll update this quarterly.

Top 10 Online Advertising Destination Websites for Loudoun County

1) - the grandaddy of online properties in Loudoun

2) (Loudoun News) - very broad reach, but pretty expensive

3) - effective site, good page rank, decent advertising options

4) - newcomer and cheap, with many options, extensively optimized for search across multiple online properties and blogs focused on Loudoun County (i.e. the "content network")

5) - well-known advertising medium, though under-optimized online ads

6) - has the reach and legitimacy of WAPO behind it, but not many affordable advertising options yet

7) - good, basic advertising options, though more limited online reach

8) - great publicity and government tie-in - good directory for tourisim-related businesses, though limited in advertising flexibility

9) - older online directory (i.e. not attractive), good page rank, but sub-optimized advertising listings

10) - good and reasonable advertising content and community reach - though sub-optimized

Honorable Mentions:

- - just a few advertising options
- - good search engine presence, but only directory listings