Sunday, March 22, 2009

Top 20 Internet and Social Media Checklist for Starting a Business or Nonprofit Organization

Here are a number of straightforward actions to take for your business or organization, to leverage the Internet, Social Media tools and other online advertising techniques. Please note that these are only very basic actions - there are many, many more - depending on your business and marketing plans. Contact us for more information, a strategic plan to increase your business leveraging online marketing and social media, or for other technical and graphic/web design assistance. This list uses the example of a business located in Loudoun County, VA.

Internet Checklist for New Businesses and Organizations


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Call to All Real Estate Agents/Brokers - Help Nonprofits

One way to truly help your communities, your local buyers and sellers, and the overall real estate market in your area is to help the local nonprofits. Without nonprofit, charitable organizations, communities and therefore the associated real estate markets would suffer - even more than they're suffering now, with additional hardship to come in light of the rapid drop-off in philanthropic contributions across the nation.

Here's something you can do today, to support and leverage a very unique, collaborative nonprofit fundraising mechanism that leverages the power of Internet Marketing and Social Media. This will help your community, and your business.

Choose your favorite nonprofit organization (local, national, global). Let them know you'd like to help them raise money, help their cause, and improve the community (your community, and your market).

Together, review the "Nonprofit Funding Solutions for Charitable Organizations" program, at This is a very quickly-growing, worldwide consortium of nonprofits, brought together under a program run by the Virginia-based Paws4People Foundation, who together leverage online Charitable Raffles to raise money (and provide many attractive cash prizes to the ever dwindling donor base!).

Sign up as a Corporate Sponsor of your nonprofit (termed a "Referral Organization", i.e. PTAs, community groups, churches, etc.) - and loads of benefits accrue:

  • Your nonprofit gets badly-needed legitimate cash help, fast

  • Donors and communities benefit

  • Paws4People and all the charities of the nonprofit consortium benefit, with very little overhead taken out and away from direct community support

  • The local market and community profile improves, as does hopefully your business

  • You get FREE online marketing/social media exposure for this support, and for your business

It's pretty simple and straightforward, but a brilliant concept. A PTA raffle on steroids.

Collaborative support of local communities between nonprofit organizations and local realtors/brokers. Get involved. Or just buy an online charitable raffle ticket yourself, to support and win.


Friday, March 13, 2009

FREE Internet Marketing for Nonprofits

Here's a very timely nonprofit fundraising and marketing program we're now offering for registered 501(c)(3) organizations, here in the US or any other legitimate, approved nonprofit organization in the world.

By participating in the NPOFundingSolutionSTM nonprofit charity consortium, and helping to promote online raffle fundraising for your nonprofit or one you're supporting, we'll help you.

A donor who buys an online raffle ticket (A) can win one of thousands of cash prizes, (B) provides a significant portion of the donation directly to your nonprofit, and (C) provides a donation percentage to ALL consortium members. At NO cost to you.

It's a very simple, very effective, and very unique win, win, win situation.

We'll not only help you with Internet Marketing and Social Media techniques to promote the online raffle fundraising mechanism, thereby raising money for you, we'll help you promote your cause and awareness online altogether.

Find out more here.