Saturday, September 11, 2010

2D Bar Code/QR Codes - Connecting Real Life with Online

See this business advertisement? It's on our car, and in print - what's neat, is that you don't have to write down any contact information, just take a picture of it with your mobile phone.

If you've installed a "QRCode" reader or "Microsoft Tag" reader on your phone (and more phones these days come with this preinstalled), by taking a picture of this 2D design, you'll get information and/or a website hyperlink right on your phone, to view now or save for later.

Extend your website and Internet presence to real life, to ALL cellphone us today, and we'll get a 2D Barcode produced for your business - as another, integrated element of your overall media marketing strategy, aligned with your website search engine optimization activities.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What SEO Internet Marketing Link Building Tools Do You Use?

A new client recently asked us, "what inbound link building tools do you use?" There truly isn't a short answer to this, as every marketing, advertising or communications campaign requires different link building strategies or tactics, and SEO/link management tools and methods are changing as quickly as the search engine algorithms, and industry's response.

"Tools" itself is a loaded term - our "tools" might include:

  • relationships and social/business networks
  • our brains and experience
  • 3rd-party or client software
  • home-grown software
  • outsourced linkbuilding personnel
  • business processes
  • industry research
  • on and offsite analytics
  • 3rd-party or client publishers and affiliates
  • email, direct and affiliate
  • in-house content networks
  • social media
  • new media
  • "real life", print and broadcast media advertising
  • ...and more

Here's our brief answer to this client:

"Regarding "programs used for linkbuilding", we use a variety of tools, methods and services for linkbuilding, depending on the type, style and scope of the marketing campaign. As you know, inbound links can come from all kinds of places, from websites and emails to web applications, social media sites and conversations. We assess, place and manage links differently for high-value websites than for article submissions, tweets or bookmarking services; additionally, many opportunities exist for link placement that will cost additional fees. Some campaigns do better with a heavy emphasis on link-building through local or niche community-building; others do better, faster with a focus on popular, industry-specific online publications, reference sites and directories. We find that, especially for rich anchor keywords embedded in contextually-relevant text, hand-placement of links (vs. auto-generators) tends to work best."

Additionally, while we leverage many industry best practices, standards and methods, there are certainly many layers of inhouse expertise, tooling and capabilities we've built as intellectual capital specifically for our own clients...this intellectual capital is a competitive advantage and we typically don't share all the details - we share the great results and return-on-investment.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Internet Web Video Production - Loudoun, Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

Web Video for online marketing purposes is well-understood to be an extremely important and valuable component of a holistic Internet Marketing & Communications strategy. "Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to receive an organic first page search engine ranking than traditional text pages" (Forrester Research, May, 2010). Google's "Universal Search" places extremely high value on well-optimized, unique and valuable business marketing videos associated with particular user search terms.

All web videos are not created equal, however, and professional web video technical planning, production, post-production, marketing and distribution are absolutely necessary for the highest quality, best remembered and ultimately most successful view into your company or organization.

KME and its partners provide the entire scope of business and marketing services required to create and leverage a successful multimedia production, whether for Internet video marketing purposese or via other distribution channels.

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy - no othermultimedia marketing, communications and production agency in the region offers the holistic set of technical competence, project planning, media production, content management, Internet marketing, advertising and social media capabilities as KME...for deriving the maximum, continuing return-on-investment for your professional multimedia advertising dollar
  • Planning - script strategy and development, video pre-shoot arrangements, marketing and branding message alignment, Internet web marketing, packaging and distribution plan...KME's experienced, Emmy award-winning broadcast media professionals bring it all together
  • Production - the video staging and shoot, unscripted or scripted interviews, B-roll identification/alignment, raw video collection...KME will create a multimedia digital treasure trove of hiqh-quality, high-definition video assets for use in many different types and styles of video marketing and communications
  • Post-Production - our video editing and multimedia graphic specialists will work with our production and marketing team, with your guidance and insight, to edit and shape the perfect video for your online marketing needs...packaged in the most appropriate delivery container, from downloadable videos to streaming livecast, mailable DVDs, and many other options
  • Internet Video Marketing - this is where KME's synergies really kick in - no other Web Design Firm, Digital Production Agency, or Video Studio has the integrated online marketing skills, expertise and expertise that KME has, to fully optimize, distribute and market your video creation for maximum brand, revenue or messaging value.

View a high-quality sample of our KME Video services:

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