Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DIY - Do It Yourself Internet Marketing - SEO/SEM

KME Internet Marketing offers DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SEO, Online Marketing.

If you’ve got the time, resources, energy and willingness to execute an online (Internet) Marketing campaign for your business, we can provide the tools to help you help yourself. By using our expert and automated tools, Internet marketing activities can be executed on your own schedule, according to your own priorities, and at a much reduced cost. Plus, you don't need to get professional Internet marketing training, and you can take advantage of your existing Internet skills and knowledge, and those of your staff.

A DIY approach allows you to spend just a few minutes each day building your business through professional Internet Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM), in particular, means posting good material around the Internet, using your keywords, on reputable, popular websites and blogs that link back to your own business. (Keywords are particular words and phrases that describe your business.) When done right, potential customers using Internet search engines to find information, products or services will find you first. Your website will be at the top of the search engine results, and this helps drive lots more web traffic to your site. Customers who find what they’re looking for quickly and easily are much more likely to purchase what they’ve found.

We offer two levels of automated, do-it-yourself SEM.

1) Do It Yourself SEM

We provide you access to an automated “task management” tool, built with years of Internet Marketing, research and web technology experience. This tool will automatically research and assign relevant, customized activities to you that you can consider, prioritize and track, with clear and detailed step-by-step instructions for each task. These activities are sorted by type (for example adding links vs. adding comments). As you execute the tasks, you should see your search engine rankings improve, and customer website traffic grow – leading directly to more sales.

Our professional staff is available for questions or assistance in using this tool.

2) Do It Yourself SEM – With Some Help

While the automated task management tool will save you a lot of research time and yields many current, relevant tasks – some activities it suggests may not be as relevant or useful as others. As Internet Marketing professionals, we’re experts at assessing the relevance and usefulness of SEM opportunities. This is especially important for local or regional marketing. You can leverage this expertise to help focus and prioritize your tasks for maximum value, with minimum effort.

We’ll set up the tool for you to use, and spend a few hours each month helping you focus and prioritize the tasks that are generated. We’ll keep you away from irrelevant sites, focus on sites that best match your keywords, and direct your activities to sites we know to be more effective than others in building your own page rank.

Option 3

We’ll point out that after the automated tool has done its job, and we’ve perhaps focused and organized the tasks for maximum impact – the tasks have to be executed. This means things like creating social media accounts, writing good content (with appropriate keywords), creating backlinks and generally doing a lot of very optimized copywriting. Also, you’ll likely want to monitor the traffic to your site, and adjust your tasks accordingly. You’re advertising your own business, after all – but the text-based advertisements and backlinks need to be created in a manner that suits the site they’re added to.

If you’d rather not do this yourself, or have needs beyond text-based marketing (for example multimedia), we can set up a custom SEO/SEM service for you and your business. Our services range from very straightforward to extremely sophisticated – according to your need, your integrated marketing plan and your budget.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voice Marketing and Dynamic Call Tracking Services

KME Internet Marketing announces availability and management of a new, unique and extremely valuable service to businesses advertising and marketing online - KME|Voice Automated Web Call Tracking and Dynamic Number Replacement Marketing Services.

For only $35/month per dedicated business phone line (with additional charges as applicable over 120 mins.), we can assign and dynamically generate dedicated phone numbers to each online campaign, landing page or advertisement. Potential customers are now given the option to call as well as click-through to your business offer, and all call traffic is automatically tracked and associated with the specific marketing campaign! Phone numbers set up for particular advertising campaigns are dynamically generated wherever the online advertisement appears - in PPC campaigns (i.e. Google, MSN, Yahoo), on your site's landing pages, in email...you decide.

This service is an extremely effective way to measure and track whether your online marketing activities are actually generating sales leads and conversions.

Call us today at 703-585-3321, or Contact Us Online for more information.

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