Saturday, November 1, 2008

Voice Marketing and Dynamic Call Tracking Services

KME Internet Marketing announces availability and management of a new, unique and extremely valuable service to businesses advertising and marketing online - KME|Voice Automated Web Call Tracking and Dynamic Number Replacement Marketing Services.

For only $35/month per dedicated business phone line (with additional charges as applicable over 120 mins.), we can assign and dynamically generate dedicated phone numbers to each online campaign, landing page or advertisement. Potential customers are now given the option to call as well as click-through to your business offer, and all call traffic is automatically tracked and associated with the specific marketing campaign! Phone numbers set up for particular advertising campaigns are dynamically generated wherever the online advertisement appears - in PPC campaigns (i.e. Google, MSN, Yahoo), on your site's landing pages, in decide.

This service is an extremely effective way to measure and track whether your online marketing activities are actually generating sales leads and conversions.

Call us today at 703-585-3321, or Contact Us Online for more information.

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