Monday, June 14, 2010

Northern Virginia Businesses to Consider - Summer 2010

Following is a select list of businesses and service providers associated with the DC and Northern Virginia business community, whom we highly recommend as superior service providers, contributors to this site and other Northern Virginia business community initiatives:


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Did You Know? KME Specialty Internet Marketing Services

Here at KME, we provide all the foundation Internet Marketing/SEO services you need. We also provide some you probably haven't thought of, or are typically not provided by standard PR/Marketing firms or Web Designers...for example:

Retargeting - we can help bring back customers to your marketing campaign, who have visited your site once before

Online Contests - we can develop Facebook contest that draw lots of social media attention and conversions

Call Tracking - we provide business phone numbers that are automatically generated in your online content, and automatically are tracked in terms of use, and which advertisement(s) generated the call

Web Hosting - we can provide all your web hosting

Press Releases - we can create and implement online press releases, fully SEO'd

Social Media Management - we can set up and manage all your social media accounts, including ghostwriting and copy

Web Video - we can produce and market your web videos, including creation of interview script, B-roll, pre- and post-production work

IT Management - we offer "Virtual CIO" services, including IT investment review and management, IT project management, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, and many other facets of IT Management that tend to be required for successful digital asset content management activity associated with Internet Marketing and Social Media.