Wednesday, January 21, 2009 - New site analysis - some issues, but better

Lots of fun for website reviewers these days, as the new site rolled out its overhaul. The general consensus is that it takes advantage of some additional "Web 2.0" techniques (like a Blog, w/RSS and Twitter feed), and is overall a bit more streamlined and updated.

Someone noticed the new robots.txt file - speaking volumes for some new perspective regarding online security and search engine optimization. We'll point out that the usability and basic SEO features are pretty good, with decent metatags (but the title tag could be a little more informative, like "The White House - US President Barack Obama's Residence" vs. "Welcome to the White House"). Also, trying the search for the word "Twitter" from the RSS feed page threw an error "The page did not process successfully because of the following: Field 'Email' is invalid; Field 'Zip Code' is empty". Not a very "social" response.

Also, interesting that the White House relies on TinyURL (vs. other similar services) w/Twitter - while common, you'd think the DoD would have constructed a more reliable, commercial-free tool for the government to use. And one where the service doesn't actually need to "allow it to access your computer"...perhaps the "twittering" is not being done on an official Government network?

Good start!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook is Our National Archives

Here's an interesting post concerning Facebook, and how it's rapidly becoming the National Archives for Digital Preservation - for the rest of us. Note to business owners - Facebook's ability to "socially-connect" personalities, events, groups and conversations is something to approach with an electronic records management mindset - i.e., use and post with care, mind your metadata, and stay on topic.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

One-time vs. Regular Internet Marketing Activities

Here's a quick graph to help illustrate Search Engine Result rankings, relative to time. The solid bar reflects constant, regular activity, including social media updates, backlink-building and other efforts to keept the rankings high for various keywords and phrases. The dashed bar reflect a one-time, typical update of the website for SEO and initial round of typical backlinks and directory references - with no further activity, updates or adjustments.

It's very clear that Internet Marketing is NOT a one time thing, but needs consistent and expert attention.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Loudoun Business Economy Challenge - Online Marketing for Loudoun County

We've set out a challenge to other Loudoun County businesses and organizations to help collectively promote the County on the Internet - thereby possibly improving the economic picture for all Loudoun businesses, residents and organizations.

Read more about the Loudoun Business Challenge to Stimulate Loudoun County's Economy...

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Twitter Information Management

Here's a post about Twitter Information Management; something every business will need to deal with for ultimate marketing success in today's Web 2.0 Twitterfied world:

"Had a conundrum the past few days with Twitter - among several IDs, one was being populated with a mix of "business" and "community" news. With twitter, there's no clear way of categorizing tweets or conversations by tags or categories; the conversations are aggregated but reflect not necessarily a single topic, but either (1) a non-purpose-driven dialogue, either instance-based or continuing, or (2) or purpose-driven dialogue, where the communicators intend to resolve a question, promote something or provide alerts/updates."

Read More at the Information Management Blog...

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Northern Virginia|Loudoun Twitter Management

Just went through a round of "Twitter Management" - since twitter doesn't really have categorizations or tags, we find there's a need to maintain separate twitter accounts for various "types" of information or communication.

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